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Stretch Ceiling New Technology

The Principles of the Stretch Ceiling installation

Step by Step

Step 1: Our first visit

UF Gainesville ceiling installer

At your place, we will discuss your needs and expectations. We will show you all the finishes matte, Satin, Glossy, Translucent, Suede, Marble, Pearl, Cameleon, Sparkly and Printed. We will share with you our advice if needed and give you all the others possibilities. We will explain in detail the complete process of the installation as well. After our visit you may have further questions or others idea, please don’t hesitate, call us at your convenience.

Step 2: Design & Computer Draft

Your ceiling is UNIQUE, your Stretch Ceiling will follow perfectly this unique shape. In order to accomplish this “Sur-Mesure” (custom) shape, we will take with our different laser tape and laser leveling all the size lengths, wide and diagonals of your room. Please allow us few hours. Once your new stretch ceiling will appear on our special draft design software and it will be ready to be send at the factory.

Factory custom Stretch Ceiling by Batica Renov USA

Step 3: Your custom Ceiling

Precision stretch Ceiling

From our computer your custom ceiling will be send at our factory in Europe to be cut at the exact shape of your room MINUS 10% (that’s why we call it Stretch Ceiling). The membrane is SMALLER than the size of your room and not BIGGER than the size of your room, this is the major difference between the ORIGINAL CONCEPT and the copy ! Now the Membrane is ready to be shipped in USA. Please allow us between 2/3 weeks for the stretch ceiling arrive to us.

Step 4: Installing the Exclusive Tracks

We have in stock hundred of yard of Our exclusive profile here in USA. No wasted time, during the cutting process of the membrane we can start in your place the longer job “installing the exclusive profile”, prep the recess light or the A/C vents or smoke detector if needed. Everything can be ready and need to be ready before the installation of the Stretch Ceiling membrane.

Stretch Ceiling Tracks exclusive Batica Renov. At your wish we can disassembled and reinstall the membrane same day

Step 5: Installing the Stretch Ceiling

UF Gainesville stretch ceiling membrane

D day is there, installing the stretch ceiling membrane. Your room will be prepared by our care. We will advice you of what can stay in the room or what need to be put somewhere else of the room during the installation process. Your room will be heated in order to soften the membrane to be more stretchable and enough tense like it suppose to be from the ORIGINAL PROCESS created in France few decade already..

Where the Stretch Ceiling can be installed ?

Living & Dining room
Bedroom & Bathroom
Kitchen & Hallway
business stretch ceiling
Business & Commercial
Office & Industy
Hotel room
Hotel & Motel
suspended stretch ceiling Boca Raton
Inside & Outside
Theater & Night Club
renovation & New construction
Design & Decoration
Yacht & Cruise Line
3D Concepth & Backlight

Stretch Ceiling



NO dust
NO removing furniture
NO peel paint ever
NO color Fade !!
NO material Waste
NO POP CORN removal
NO environmental pollution

Our installation BEFORE & AFTER

Stretch Ceiling Installation in 9 Pictures

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